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PA5417 Datasheet



The UTC PA5417 is a dual power amplifier of 6~15V-compatible
for radio cassette/Mini compo players use. It is developed to equip
with standby switching functions for excellent total harmonic
distortion and other basic characteristics.  

* Operating power supply voltage range from 6V to 15V.
* High output.
- POUT = 2.8W (VCC = 9V, RL=3Ω, THD = 10%)
- POUT = 5.0W (VCC = 12V, RL=3Ω, THD = 10%)
* Excellent audio quality
- THD = 0.1% (f = 1kHz, POUT = 0.5W)
- eN = 0.3mVrms (Rg = 10kΩ)
- RR = 55dB (fRR = 100Hz)
* Switching noise (“pop” noise) generated when the power is
switched on and off is small.
* Ripple mixing when motor starts has been prevented.
* Built-in thermal shutdown circuit.
* Built-in standby switch that output is not influenced.
* Soft clipping.
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