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UMD9112 Datasheet





UTC UMD9112 is an integrated circuit driven by a single
channel toy DC motor which is designed for low-voltage operated
system. It has H bridge driver and uses the PMOS and NMOS
power transistors with low output resistance. Low on-resistance
ensures the circuit to consume lower power in operating at a
continuous current, and ensures the circuit to operate stably for a
long time.
UTC UMD9112 has on-chip temperature protection function.
When load motor with low internal resistance is in locked rotor,
UTC UMD9112 output current will increase momentarily, power
dissipation of the circuit will go up sharply, and the chip
temperature will soar. But, when the chip temperature exceeds a
maximum temperature point (typically 150°C) set by internal
temperature protection circuit, the internal circuit will switch off the
on-chip power switching transistor of UTC UMD9112, and switch
off load current, preventing potential safety hazards such as
fuming, igniting, etc. Of plastic package caused by over
temperature .Only after having confirmed that the circuit has
returned to safety temperature, can the on-chip temperature
hysteresis circuit be allowed to re-control the circuit.


* H bridge driver of internal PMOS/NMOS power switches
* Can realize 4 functions (forward
backward standby brake) of
load motor
* Low output impedance
* Low standby current (typ.0.1μA)
* Low static operational current (typ.300μA, VCC=3V)
* On-chip thermal shut down (TSD) with hysteresis

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