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Voltage Comparator  
Part No. Features Vcc(range) Pd(mW) package
LM393 Dual Differential Comparators 2V ~ 36V or ±18V 600mW/ 420mW/350mW DIP-8/ SOP-8/TSSOP-8/MSSOP-8
LM339 Quad Differential Comparators ±18 or 36 760/560/440 DIP-14 SOP-14 TSSOP-14 QFN-16(_3X3)
TS391 TS391A TS391B TS391C Low Power Single Voltage Comparator 2V ~ 36V or ±18V 500mW SOT-25 SOT-353
LMV393 Dual General Purpose, Low Voltage, Tinypack Comparators 2.7V ~ 5V - DIP-8 SOP-8 MSOP-8
UM21125 Single-Supply Comparator(Vref=70mV) ±2.7V ~ 20V 200mW SOT-25
UTL331 UTL331A low power single voltage comparator ±18 or 36 380 SOT-25
LMV331 single general purpose, low voltage, small pack comparators 2.7-5 - SOT-23-5
UTA31101 compander ic for cordless telephone 1.8~9V 800 / 630 DIP-16 SOP-16
LMV3011 nanopower, 1.8v, comparator with voltage reference –0.5 ~ 7.5V - SOT-26
LMV3012 nanopower, 1.8v, comparator with voltage reference –0.5~7.5V - SOT-26
ULC3702 dual micropower cmos voltage comparators VDD= -0.3 ~ 18V 1000 / 725 DIP-8 SOP-8 TSSOP-8
ULC831 micro-power, cmos input, rrio, 1.4v, push-pull ooutput comparator 1.4V~5.5V PSRR= 95 dB SOT-25
ULC3491 1.8v, nanopower, cmos input, push-pull output comparator 5.5V SOP-8
ULC393 dual micropower cmos voltage comparator 3 ~ 16 V 600 mW SOP-8
USA575A low voltage compandor -0.3 ~ 8 V SSOP-20 TSSOP-20
LMV7239 low power rail-to-rail input comparator with push-pull output 2.7~ 5.5 V SOT-25
LMV7235 ultra low power low voltage rail-to-rail input comparator with open-drain output 2.7 ~ 5.5 V SOT-25
ULV7211 cmos comparators with rail-to-rail input and push-pull output 16 SOT-25

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