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Video Signal Switch      
Part No. Features Supply
Pd(mW) Vcc=5V (Ta=25℃)
Vcc=5V (Ta=25℃)
M3366 3-Input Video Switch With 75Ω Driver 4.75V~13V 500/300mW 11.5~22mA 30mV DIP-8 SOP-8
A7623 2×75Ω Driver IC With 3 Internal Circuits 4.5V~5.5V 550mW <37.8mA - SOP-8
M7612 3-Input Video Signal Switches Built-in Mute 6dB Amplifier and 75Ω Drive 4.5V~9.5V/4.5V~13V 500mW/900mW <29mA - SOP-8 SIP-8
M3355 2-Input Single Video Switch 4.75V~13V 500/300/250mW <11.0mA 15mV DIP-8 SOP-8 TSSOP...
M3368 3-Input Video Switch With 6dB Amplifier 4.75V~13V 500/300mW 9.5mA~21mA 60mV DIP-8 SOP-8
M4034 3-Input Video Switch With 70dB Amplifier 4.75V~13V 500/300/250/800 <14.5mA 30mV DIP-8 MSOP-8 SOP-8 S...
V2267 Dual Video 6dB Amplifier With 75Ω Driver 4.85V~9.0V 500/250/350/300 <18.2mA - DIP-8 TSSOP-8 SOP-8 ...

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