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Combo IC    
Part No. Features Vcc(range) Vref(V) Bandwidth Package
UM601 Voltage and Current Controller 4.5V ~ 36V 1.24 1.0MHz DIP-8 SOP-8
UM602 Dual Operational Amplifier-Dual Comparator and Adjustable 2.5V ~ 36V 2.5 2.1MHz DIP-16 SOP-16
UM603 Dual Operational Amplifier and Current Controller 2.5V ~ 36V 2.5 0.9MHz SOP-8 TSSOP-8
UM604 Quad Operational Amplifier and Programmable 2.5V ~ 36V 2.5 0.9MHz DIP-16 SOP-16
UM605 Dual Operational Amplifier and Current Controller 1.25V ~ 20V 1.25 / 2.50 - SOT-25
UM606 Dual Operational Amplifier and 1.21V Voltage Reference with ±1% for CC and CV Controlling 2.5V~20V 1.21 - SOT-26
UM607 Dual Operational Amplifier and Shunt Regulator 2.2V~14V 1.24 - SOT-26

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