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A-D or D-A Converters                    
Part No. Features Vcc
Pd(mW) Icc package
UA2311 16 Bit Digital to Analog Converter -0.3V~7V 30mW 0.1μA DIP-8 SOP-8
M62364 8-Bit 8-Ch Multiplying D-A Converter with Buffer Amplifier 2.7V~3.6V - 3.5mA SOP-24 SSOP-24(209m...
7106 3 1/2 Digit,LCD/LED Display,A-D Converters 15V - - DIP-40 SSOP-40 MQF...
M7206 3 1/2 LCD display driver, a/d converters 12 - 1.2mA LQFP-44

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