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Motor Controller IC      
Part No. Features Supply Voltage
PD(mW) Vcc package
SK1288 2-Phase DC-FAN Motor PRE-Driver IC 2.5V ~ 20V 700mW 3.0V SOP-8
F6406 2-Phase DC-FAN Motor PRE-Driver IC 2.5V ~ 30V 700mW 12.0V SOP-8
319 Single Phase DC Motor Driver IC 3~20V 600mW 14.0V SIP-4
LR18115 1.6X Linear FAN Driver with Vout Fully On Control 4.5V~5.5V - 5.0V SOP-8
F6908 Single-Phase DC-FAN Motor Driver IC 15.0V 680mW 5.0V SOP-8 HSOP-8
F1962 Single-Phase Full-Wave Motor Driver IC 17.0V 850mW 5.0V MSOP-10/SSOP-10
L6219 Stepper Motor Drive 45.0V - 4.75~5.25V SOP-24
UA9849 3-Phase Motor Driver 7V / 16V 2200mW 5.0V HSOP-28
UA1538 4-Channel Motor Driver For Portable CD Players 13.5V 625mW 12V QFP-44
UA8868 5 Channel BTL Driver for DVD Player 13.5V 1700mW 12V HSOP-28
AN6650 DC Motor Speed Control Circuit 1.8~7.0V 750/360mW 3.0V DIP-8 SOP-8
AN8850 DC Motor Speed Control Circuit 1.8~12.0V 750mW 3.0V DIP-8
AN6651 DC Motor Speed Control Circuit 3.5~14.4V 1300mW 6.0V TO-126B
1470 DC Motor Speed Regulators 3.5 ~16.0V 1200mW 12V TO-126B
BA6220 DC Motor Speed Regulator 3.5 ~16.0V 1400/800mW 12.0V DIP-8 SOP-8
BA6208 Reversible Motor Controller 4.5 ~15.0V 500/450/700 9.0V DIP-8 SOP-8
AN6652 DC Motor Speed Regulation IC 6.0~22.0V 1300mW 12.0V TO-126B
UA8868S 5-channel btl driver for dvd player 4.3 ~ 13.2V 1.7W - HSOP-28
SK6908 single-phase dc-fan motor driver 20 700 20 SOP-8,HSOP-8
F1836 low-saturation, two-channel bidirectional motor driver ic for use in low-voltage applications -0.3~+10.5 800 2.5~9.0 SOP-14
UH477 single phase dc motor drive ic 30 600 30 SIP-4
UM2640 two-phase unipolar dc brushless motor pre-driver ic 4V~55V 375 48 SOP-8
UH210 2-phase dc motor drive ic 2.8V~20V 850 20 SIP-4
FC8779 silicon monolithic integratde circuit 7 585 2.2~6.0 MSOP-8
F2970 for fan motor single-phase full-wave driver 17V 0.8 4.5~16 SOP-18
F2967 18 800 6~16 TSSOP-20
UH200 2-phase dc motor drive ic 20 500 5 SIP-4
UH457 smart motor driver with integrated hall sensor 29 1000 - SIP-4
UH357 smart motor driver with integrated hall sensor 25 1000 - SIP-4
F2867 TSSOP-16
UA9287 reversible motor driver 18 600 / 680 4.5 ~15V SOP-8 DIP-8
UH447 smart motor driver with integrated hall sensor 4.5 ~ 30 500 IDD= 3mA SIP-4
UH251 low-saturation, low-voltage 1.5 channel bi-directional motor driver VDDMIN=VSMIN=1.5V VDD=VS=3V IDD1 = 1~ 10μA SOP-8

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