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Radio and Cassette Recorder Ci
Part No. Features Supply
Pd(mW) Vdd/Vcc package
6621 ram mappling 32×4 lcd controller for i/o μc 2.4V~5.2V tCS= 250ns 3 DIP-28
TA8127 3V AM / FM 1 CHIP TUNER IC 8 400 1.8~7.0 SSOP-24,SDIP-24
TA7738P amplifier system for cassette tape recorder 3.5V to 9V 1200 14 DIP-16
TA7358P FM FRONT-END 1.6V to 6V - 0.9 SIP-9
TA7343AP fm stereo multiplex decorder 3V ~ 12V 500 16 SIP-9
KA22241 Dual Equalizer Amplifier with ALC 16V 450/550mW VCC= 7V SOP-14 SIP-9
BA3308 Dual Pre-Amplifier with ALC 16V 950mW VCC= 7V SIP-9/SOP-14/TSSOP-1...
A6225 Dual Pre-Amplifier 16V 700mW VCC= 6V SIP-9
TA7613AP 1-Chip AM/FM Radio IC 11V 600mW VCC= 5.5V DIP-16
KA22427 1-Chip AM/FM Radio Circuit 11V 600mW VCC= 5.5V DIP-16
UA1191 AM/FM Radio 9V 1000/700mW VCC= 6V DIP-28 SOP-28
TA7640AP AM/FM IF Processor 8V 750mW VCC= 5V DIP-16
TA2003 AM/FM Radio IC 8V 750/350mW VCC= 3V DIP-16 SOP-16
6610 Frequency and Clock Display Driver 7V - VDD=0.5~7V QFP-48
7642 1-Chip AM Radio Circuit 6V - Vcc=1.2~1.6V TO-92
TS20 2.4V, 10uA Analog Temperature Sensor -0.2V~ 6.5V - VCC= 2.4V~5.5V SOT-25
LAG665F 1-Chip Radio and Cassette Circuit Recorder. -0.3V~7.5V 450mW VCC= 3V SOP-28
L2572 Wideband Pll FM Demodulator -0.3V~7V 250mW VCC= 4.5V~5.5V SOP-16 
TS2043 4 -WireTouch Panel controller -0.3V~ 6V - VCC= 2.7V~3.6V SSOP-16

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