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Telecommunication Circuit  
Part No. Features Vcc Pd(mW) package
LS1240A Electronic Tone Ringer with Built-in Bridge Rectifier 26V - DIP-8 SOP-8
31002A Telephone Tone Ringer 29V 800/400 DIP-8 SOP-8
TA31001 Telephone Tone Ringer 29V 800mW DIP-8
TA31002 Telephone Tone Ringer 29V 800mW DIP-8
TEA1062N TEA1062AN Low Voltage Transmission Circuit with Dialler Interface +12V 640mW DIP-16 SOP-16
TEA1110A Low Voltage Versatile Telephone Transmission Circuit with Dialler Interface Vee -0.4V ~ +12V 588/384 DIP-14 SOP-14
L6726 Universal Speech Circuit 22V - SOP-18 DIP-18
MC34118 Voice Switched Speaker-Phone Circuit 3.5V~6.5V 27dB(Min) SOP-28/DIP-28/SDIP-28
MC34018 Voice Switched Speaker-Phone Circuit 6V~11V - DIP-28 SOP-28
MC3361BP Low Voltage/Power Narrow Band FM IF 2.5V~7V - DIP-16 SOP-16 TSSOP-16
8507 Compander 7V 1000mW/410mW DIP-20 SOP-20
U4082B voice switched speaker-phone circuit -1~7V - DIP-28/SOP-28
U9131X tone/pulse dialer with redial function -0.3~+7.0 120 SOP-18
MC34118A voice switched speaker-phone circuit 3.5 ~ 6.0 V SOP-28

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