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MC14511 Datasheet


The UTC MC14511 BCD–to–seven segment
latch/decoder/driver is constructed with complementary
MOS (CMOS) enhancement mode devices and NPN
bipolar output drivers in a single monolithic structure. The
circuit provides the functions of a 4-bit storage latch, an
8421 BCD-to-seven segment decoder, and an output
drive capability. Lamp test (LT), blanking (BI), and latch
enable (LE) inputs are used to test the display, to turn-off
or pulse modulate the brightness of the display, and to
store a BCD code, respectively. It can be used with
seven-segment light-emitting diodes (LED),
incandescent, fluorescent, gas discharge, or liquid crystal
readouts either directly or indirectly.
Applications include instrument (e.g., counter, DVM,
etc.) display driver, computer/calculator display driver,
cockpit display driver, and various clock, watch, and timer uses.

* Low Logic Circuit Power Dissipation
* High–Current Sourcing Outputs (Up to 25 mA)
* Latch Storage of Code
* Blanking Input
* Lamp Test Provision
* Readout Blanking on all Illegal Input Combinations
* Lamp Intensity Modulation Capability
* Time Share (Multiplexing) Facility
* Supply Voltage Range = 3.0 V ~ 18 V
* Capable of Driving Two Low-power TTL Loads, One Low-power Schottky TTL Load or Two HTL Loads Over the Rated Temperature Range
* Chip Complexity: 216 FETs or 54 Equivalent Gates
* Triple Diode Protection on all Inputs
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