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TS391 TS391A TS391B TS391C Datasheet
The UTC TS391/A/B/C consists of a low power voltage
comparator designed specifically to operate from a single supply
over a wide range of voltages. Operation from split power supplies is
also possible.
 This comparator also has a unique characteristic in that the
input common-mode voltage range includes ground even though
operated from a single power supply voltage.
* Wide single supply voltage range or dual supplies +2V~+34V or ±1V~±18V
* Very low supply current (0.2mA) independent of supply voltage (1mW /comparator at +5V)
* Low input bias current: 25nA typ.
* Low input offset current: ±5nA typ.
* Low input offset voltage: ±1mV typ
* Input common-mode voltage range includes ground.
* Low output saturation voltage: 250mV typ.(IOUT=4mA).
* Differential input voltage range equal to the supply voltage.
*TTL, DTL, ECL, CMOS Compatible outputs.
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