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US202 US202A Datasheet



The US202/A is a power distribution switch. It is particularly

suitable for self-powered and bus-powered USB (Universal Series

bus) applications. It has 28μA low quiescent supply current that

meets the requirements of battery-powered portable equipments.

A built-in charge pump is used to drive the N-channel N-MOSFET

that is free of parasitic body diode to eliminate any reversed current

flow across the switch when it is powered off.

The US202/A incorporates some protection circuits such as

current limit and short protection circuits, soft start circuit, thermal

shutdown and UVLO (Under-voltage Lockout) protection circuits.

The thermal shutdown circuits protect this device from damage when

over current occurs, and the soft start circuits are used to prevent

inrush current when plug-in event occurs.

The US202/A can be used in such applications such as

battery-powered equipments, motherboard USB power switches,

USB device power switches, hot-plug power supplies,

battery-charger circuits and so on.





* Input Voltage Varies From 2.7V to 5.5V

* Guaranteed Continuous Current: 1.0A/2.0A

* High-Side NMOSFET: 85mΩ (TYP)

* Soft Start

* Current Limit:1.5A/2.5A

* Thermal Protection

* Low Supply Current: 28μA

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