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GM1851 Datasheet


The UTC GM1851 can specially provide ground fault protection
for AC power outlets in consumer and industrial environments. As
ground fault currents greater than a presentable threshold value, it
will trigger an external SCR-driven circuit breaker to interrupt the
AC line and remove the fault condition. Besides of detection of
conventional hot wire to ground faults, the neutral fault condition is
detected also. In the event that noise pulses introduce unwanted
charging currents and a memory circuit that allows firing of even a
sluggish breaker on either half-cycle of the line voltage when
external full-wave rectification is used, circuitry that rapidly resets the timing capacitor.

* Internal power supply shunt regulator
* Externally programmable fault current threshold
* Externally programmable fault current integration time
* Direct interface to SCR
* Operates under line reversal; both load vs line and hot vs neutral
* Detects neutral line faults


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