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LM1875 Datasheet



The UTC LM1875 is a monolithic power amplifier offering very
low distortion and high quality performance for consumer audio
applications. It delivers 20W into a 4Ω or 8Ω load on Ô25V supplies.
Using an 8Ω load and +30V supplies, over 30W of power may be
delivered. The amplifier is designed to operate with a minimum of
external components. Device overload protection consists of both
internal current limit and thermal shutdown.
The UTC LM1875 design utilizes advanced circuit techniques
and processing to achieve extremely low distortion levels even at
high output power levels. Other outstanding features include high
gain, fast slew rate and a wide power bandwidth, large output
voltage swing, high current capability, and a very wide supply range.
The amplifier is internally compensated and stable for gains of 10 or greater.

*Up to 30W output power
*Avo typically 90 dB
*Low distortion: 0.015%,1kHz,20W
*Wide power bandwidth: 70kHz
*Protection for AC and DC short circuits to ground
*Thermal protection with parole circuit
*High current capability: 4A
*Wide supply range 16V-60V
*Internal output protection diodes
*94 dB ripple rejection
*High performance audio systems
*Bridge amplifiers
*Stereo phonographs
*Servo amplifiers
*Instrument systems
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