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LM318 Datasheet



   The UTC LM318 is a precision, high speed, high gain operational
amplifier that has been specifically designed for use in high slew rate
and wide bandwidth applications. Unlike many wideband amplifiers,
the UTC LM318 is unity-gain stable since it has internal circuitry for
frequency compensation. However, external components may be
added for compensation to achieve optimum performance.
When used in inverting applications, feed-forward compensation
can be used to achieve slew rate in excess of 150V/µs and almost
double the bandwidth. For greater stability, using overcompensation
with the amplifier is possible if maximum bandwidth is not needed. In
general, by adding a single capacitor can reduce the settling time for
0.1% error band to under 1µs.
The typical applications of UTC LM318 include A/D converters,
fast integrator, oscillators, active filters, sample and hold circuits, or
general purpose amplifiers.       

* Unit gain stable (internal frequency compensation)
* 4mV typical input offset voltage
* 30nA typical input offset current
* Input bias current of 250nA (maximum)
* 15MHz bandwidth (small signal)
* 50V/μs slew rate (guarantee)
* Operates voltages of ±5V to ±20V
* Overload protection for Input and output
* Same pin assignment as general-purpose op amps
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