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OPA2336 Datasheet



The UTC OPA2336 is a CMOS operational amplifier. It is
operated on a 2.1V (Min.) single supply. A100kΩ load is driven by
the rail-to-rail output and the accuracy of the output voltage is
ensured at ± 3mV.  
The UTC OPA2336 is characterized by its low quiescent current
(20μA/amplifier), low offset voltage (125μV max), low input bias
current (1pA), and high open-loop gain (115dB).  
The UTC OPA2336 features completely independent circuitry
for lowest crosstalk and freedom from interaction.  
The UTC OPA2336 is particularly designed for battery-powered
applications and the common-mode range extending to the negative
supply makes it ideal for single-supply applications.
In addition to the applications mentioned above, the UTC
OPA2336 is suitable for portable devices, high-Impedance
applications, photodiode, pre-amps, precision integrators, medical
instruments, and test equipment.
* Operating on a Single-Supply
* Rail-to-Rail Output (Accuracy: ± 3mv)
* Low Power Dissipation: IQ=20μA/Amplifier
* Low Offset Voltage up to 125μV (MAX.)
* Power Supply Specified from 2.3V to 5.5V
* Halogen Free
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