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15600 Datasheet

UTC 15600 Series is a CMOS IC circuits which contain a
programmed mask ROM to generate chord music. The capacity of
the ROM being used for storage of such music information is of
128 words and up to two numbers of music melodies under two
different sound sources can be optioned for storage into it. Also,
the total integration (for mask opti on) of the RC oscillation circuit is
builted in. Moreover, a small-sized package can be suitable for
space –saving applications.
* Range of operating voltage: 0.9~5.5V
* Reference signal source frequency: 32.768KHZ,47.520KHZ(mask option selection)
* Options :  
1. changing the melody midway during performance: Possible or
not possible (mask option selection)
2. selection of the reference sound frequency: when selecting the
signal source frequency of 32.768kHz, A4=440Hz(standard) or
C4=256Hz when selecting the signal source frequency of 47.520kHz: A4=440Hz
3. Selection of performance sound range: when selecting the
signal source frequency of
      32.768kHz, A4=440Hz: G6~C4 or G5~C3
      32.768kHz, A4=256Hz: C7~C4 or C6~C3
      47.520kHz, A4=440Hz: C7~C4 or C6~F3
4. Choices of the reference signal source: External clock input or
integrated RC oscillator (using both of the integrated C and R)
or integrated RC oscillation (usi ng the integrated C only but the R is for external installation)  
5. performance method choice :   Level hold   one shot C   one shot A
* Attenuation of sound: integrated envelope adding circuit
* Loudspeaker drive: not equipping an amplifier(an extremely installed amplifier should be used)
* Output Impedance : Max: 222k Min :68k
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