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M1008 Datasheet


The M1008 is a 16-bit CCD/CIS analog signal processor for
imaging applications. A 3-channel architecture is designed to sample
and control the outputs of tri-linear color CCD arrays. Each channel
processes one color analog signal and includes an input clamp,
Correlated Double Sampler (CDS), offset DAC and Programmable
Gain Amplifier (PGA), and a 16-bit A/D converter.
If there are sensors such as Contact Image Sensors (CIS) and
CMOS active pixel sensors, the CDS amplifiers are not necessary.
The 16-bit digital output is composed of high and low 8-bit
output and is assessed by two reading cycles. The internal registers
are programmed by a 3-wire serial interface which provides gain,
offset and operating mode adjustments.
The typical operation power of M1008 is 400mW in 5V power supply.
* 400mW In 5V Operation Supply
* Under 2mA Power-Down Mode
* Built-In16-Bit 30 Msps A/D Converter
* No Missing Codes
* Input Clamp Circuitry
* Correlated Double Sampling
* Programmable Gain
* 250mV Programmable Offset
* Built-In Voltage Reference
* Programmable 3-Wire Serial Interface
* 3V/5V Digital I/O Compatibility
* Up To 25 Msps In 1-Channel Operation
* Up To 30 Msps In 2-Channel (Even-Odd) Operation
* Up To 30 Msps In 3-Channel Operation
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