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UAC33092 Datasheet


The UAC33092 is specifically designed for voltage regulation and Load Response Control (LRC) of diode rectified alternator charging systems, as commonly found in automotive applications.
In maintaining system voltage, the UAC33092 monitors and compares the system battery voltage to an externally programmed set point value and pulse width modulates an N–channel MOSFET transistor to control the average alternator field current.
*Forced Load Response Control (LRC) with Heavy Load Transitions at Low RPM
*Capable of Regulating Voltage to ±0.1 V @ 25
*Operating Frequency Selectable with One External Resistor
*< 0.1 V Variation over Speed Range of 2000 to 10,000 RPM
*< 0.4 V Variation over 10% to 95% of Maximum Alternator Output
*Maintains Regulation with External Loads as Low as 1.0 A
*Load Dump Protection of Lamp, Field Control Devices, and Loads
*Duty Cycle Limit Protection
*Provides High Side MOSFET Control of a Ground Referenced Field Winding
*Controlled MOSFET and Flyback Diode Recovery Characteristics for Minimum RFI
*Optional 2.5 or 10 sec. LRC Rate Control (Osc. Freq. = 280 kHz)
*Undervoltage, Overvoltage and Phase Fault (Broken Belt) Detection
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