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UR6515C Datasheet


  The UR6515C is a linear regulator providing up to 2A transient  peak current sourcing and sinking capability for DDR SDRAM bus terminator applications while regulating an output voltage to within  40mV. It contains a high speed operational amplifier which provides
fast load transient response .

  The UR6515C output termination voltage tracks the reference
voltage applied at VREF pin. A resistor divider connected to VIN, GND and VREF pins is used to force the reference voltage to VREF pin.
Additional features include current limiting protection and thermal shutdown protection.

*DDR1/ DDR2/DDR3 termination voltage applications
*Sink and Source Current  2A Contious Current
*Adjustable output voltage by external resistors
*Integrated power MOS devices
*Suspend to RAM(STR) functionality
*Current Limiting Protection
*Thermal Shutdown Protection
*Cost-effective and easy to use
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