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RCR6C Datasheet


The UTC RCR6C is a CMOS LSI and designed as receiver that
complement to UTC RCT6 for remote controlled car applications. It
provide seven control keys controlling the motions, which are
forward, backward, rightward, leftward, two function keys, and the
turbo function, of the remote controlled car.
UTC RCR6C have Forward (Backward) combined with the turbo
application. During normal operation without Turbo, Forward
(Backward) output from UTC RCT6 sends a 60Hz signal. When
Forward (Backward) and Turbo are both in effect, the output signal becomes completely high.
* Operating voltage range: 2.4V~4.0V
* Built-in 3.6V zener
* Few external components needed
* 7-function remote controller controlling Forward/ Backward/ Turbo/ Right-turn/ Left turn/ two function keys
* Complement to UTC RCT6.
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