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M54133A Datasheet


The UTC M54133A is a semiconductor integrated circuit
developed for use in high-speed earth leakage breakers
incorporating functions to protect against voltage surges and
inverter noise.
* Improvement of ability against unwanted tripping by
lightning-surge and lightning impulse.
Two times counting system adopted.
* Improvement of ability against unwanted tripping by inverter-noise.
Built-in operational amplifier (of low current dissipation) for active low-pass filter.
Improved high-frequency, high harmonic superposition performance
* Internal time delay function 
* An external capacitor is used to set the delay time.
* High input sensitivity: VT=11.5mVrms Typ.
* Low-current dissipation (at RIREF=180kΩ) In stand-by condition: IS=610μA Typ.
* High stabilities design
Adopt the circuits that is not affected by fluctuations of supply voltage/ambient temperature.
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