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U74LVX4052 Datasheet

Dual 4-Channel Analog  Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
The U74LVX4052 is a high speed, low-voltage drive analog
multiplexer/demultiplexer using silicon gate CMOS technology. In 3V
and 5V systems these can achieve high-speed operation with the
low power dissipation that is a feature of CMOS.
The U74LVX4052 offer analog/digital signal selection as well as
mixed signals wish a 4-Channel×2 configuration.
The switchses for each channel are turned on by the control pin digital signals.
Although the control signal logical amplitude (VCC-GND) is
small,the device can perform large-amplitude (VCC-VEE) signal switching.
For example, if VCC=3V, GND=0V and VEE=-3V, signals between
-3V and +3V can be switched from the logical circuit using a signal 3V power supply.
All input pins are equipped with a newly developed input
protection circuit that avoids the need for a diode on the plus side
(forword side from the input to the VCC).As a result, for example, 5V
signals can be permitted on the inputs even when the power supply
voltage to the circuits is off. As a result of this input power protection,
the U74LVX4052 can be used in a variety of applications, including
in the system which has two power supplies, and in battery bachup circuits.
* Low ON resistance: RON=22Ω(Typ.)(VCC-VEE=3V)
*                 RON=15Ω(Typ.)(VCC-VEE=6V)
* High Speed: tpd=3ns (Typ.)(VCC=3V)
* Low power Dissipation: ICC=4μA (Max.)(TA=25°C)
* Input level: VIL=0.8V(Max.)(VCC=3V)
* Power down protection is provided on all control inputs
* Pin and function compatible with U74HC4052
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