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ULV1546 Datasheet

The UTC ULV1546 is the quadruple high voltage rail-to-rail
Vcom/Gamma Buffer with low power dissipation. Operating on power
supplies ranging from 5V to 20V, while current consuming is less than
1.2mA / per amplifier. Rail-to-rail output capability and common mode
input ability beyond the rails enable these amplifiers to offer maximum
dynamic range at any supply voltage.
Fast slew rate and settling times, and a high output drive capability
of 300mA peak AC current (sink and source) are also provided by
UTC ULV1546. With so many attractive characteristics the four
amplifiers inside UTC ULV1546 are ideal for use as voltage reference
buffers in TFT-LCD panel applications for TV, PC, Notebooks, and
mobile computing devices.
* Wide Supply Operation Range +5V~+20V
* Beyond the rails input capability
* Rail-to-rail output swing
* Low supply current, 1.2mA per amplifier (typical)
* Wide bandwidth (unit gain) 30MHz-3dB bandwidth
* 300mA peak output AC current (typ.)
* High slew rate=30V/µs
* Unity-gain stable
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