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UT3222 Datasheet







The UTC UT3222 have two receivers and two transmitters, and a

dual charge-pump circuit with ±15kV ESD protection pin to pin

(serial-port connection pins, including GND). The device meets the

requirements of TIA/EIA-232-F and provides the electrical interface

between an asynchronous communication controller and the

serial-port connector. The charge pump and four small external

capacitors allow operation from a single 3V to 5.5V supply. The

device operates at data signaling rates up to 250 kbit/s and a

maximum of 30V/μS driver output slew rate.

The UTC  UT3222 can be placed in the power-down mode by

setting  PWRDOWN  low, which draws only 1μA from the power

supply. When the device is powered down, the receivers remain

active while the drivers are placed in the high-impedance state. Also,

during power down, the onboard charge pump is disabled; V+ is

lowered to VCC and V− is raised toward GND. Receiver outputs also

can be placed in the high-impedance state by setting  EN high.




* RS-232 Bus-Pin ESD Protection Exceeds±15 kV Using

Human-Body Model (HBM)

* Meets or Exceeds the Requirements of TIA/EIA-232-F and  ITU v.28 Standards

* Operates With 3V to 5.5V VCC Supply

* Operates Up To 250 kbit/s

* Two Drivers and Two Receivers

* Low Standby Current 1μA Typical

* External Capacitors 4×0.1μF

* Accepts 5V Logic Input With 3.3V Supply

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