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M293010 Datasheet

The UTC M293010 is 1A low dropout liner voltage regulators
that provide low voltage and high-current output. Designed
especially for the high-current requirements in industrial and
consumer applications; embedded core, memory, or logic supplies;
TVs, VCRs, and office equipment.  
The UTC M293010 is an efficient voltage regulator with very low
dropout voltage and very low ground current. This device delivers a
regulated output at up to 1A. Included overcurrent and thermal
protection improve overall system reliability. Devices with fixed
output voltages are also available.
A inside bandgap reference provides accuracy and excellent
temperature characteristics for regulator. IQ does not increase
significantly as the dropout voltage is approached, an ideal feature
in standby/resume power systems where data integrity is crucial.
A inside power pnp provides a dropout voltage of less than 600mV
at 1A of current. An LS-TTL/CMOS-compatible input gives the
designer complete control over power up, standby, or power down.
Low output voltages eliminate the need for expensive PWM buck
converters. The low dropout voltage permits more efficient
regulation before output regulation is lost.
The UTC M293010 provided a 5-lead TO-252 style
surface-mount plastic package with ground tab to provide a
low-resistance path for maximum heat dissipation.
* 1A output current
* Dropout voltage 0.6V at IOUT=1A
* 1µA maximum standby current
* Fast response
* Accurate current limiting
 * Remote voltage sensing
* Thermal protection
* Over voltage protection
* Ground tab for superior heat dissipation
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