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UB10803 Datasheet
The UTC UB10803 is a fully-integrated single-cell Li-ion/Polymer
battery charger. The device operates without external FET and
blocking diode, and employs a constant-current constant-voltage
(CC/CV) charging profile.  
The fast-charge and end-of-charge (EOC) currents are
programmable with independent external resistors. When the battery
is deeply discharged to lower than 2.75V, the charger firstly
pre-charges the battery with typically 20% of the programmable
fast-charge current. When the charge current is reduced to the
programmed EOC current level (almost works completely in a
constant-voltage (CV) mode), an EOC indication is displayed through
the CHG pins. The UTC UB10803 is protected by thermal regulation
technology to prevent the IC from over-heat during charging.
Two status indication pins (PPR and CHG), which are both
implemented as an open-drain outputs, can be used to drive LEDs or
work as logic interface to a microprocessor. When no adapter is
attached or when the charger is disabled, the leakage current from
battery cell is less than 1uA typically.
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