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LXXLD20 Datasheet

The UTC LXXLD20 is a typical LDO with the features of very low
dropout voltage as low as 0.1V at output current 2A.
For normal operation, two supply voltages are necessary. One called
control voltage from other equipment can shutdown the output voltage and
it should pull and hold the voltage of EN pin less than 0.3V. Another one is
the main supply voltage whose purpose is for main power conversion, to
keep the power dissipation low, and to make the dropout voltage lower.
Internally, in the UTC LXXLD20, there’re many functions which can be
seen in the block figure to prevent the IC from being damaged. Internal
Power-On-Reset (POR) circuit can control the two supply voltages to
prevent fault operations of the circuit; the thermal shutdown circuit is able
to protect the device from over thermal operation, and a current limit
function will keep the device work safely under current over-loads.  
The UTC LXXLD20 can be used as an ideal to provide well supply
voltage in the applications, such as front-side-bus termination on
motherboard, NB applications, front side bus VTT (1.2V/2A) and note book
PC applications.
* Low Dropout VD=0.15V@ IOUT=2A 
* Low ESR Output Capacitor  
* VREF=0.8V 
* ±1.5% over Line, Load and Temperature Output Accuracy
* Fast Transient Response
* Output Voltage Adjustable through External Resistors
* POR(Power-On-Reset) controlling VCNTL and VIN 
* With internal Soft-Start
* Internal Current Limit Protection
* Internal Under Voltage Protection
* Hysteretic Thermal Shutdown  
* With Power-OK Output (with a Delay Time)
* For Standby or Suspend Mode: Shutdown
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