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M7206 Datasheet

The UTC M7206 is a 3 1/2 A/D converter IC with low power supply
and excellent performance, which also can greatly refrain form
interfering. The M7206 combines seven -phase decoder, display
driver, reference source, clock system and back light polarity driver, so
it can directly drive LCD. Compared with other products, the M7206
adds a new function that can detect on-off state and then alarm.    
The M7206 covers high-precision, good compatibility and low-cost
in all. It can achieve auto-zero adjustment error less than 10uV, zero
drift within 1uV/°C, input current below 10pA and converter error
under 1 count.
* On-off state detecting and alarming
* Zero auto-adjustment, guaranteed zero reading with zero input.
* True polarity indication for precision null detection.
* Differential inputs and differential reference.
* Triplex LCD display.
* Convenient 9V battery operation  
* CMOS differential inputs for high impedance and null attenuation
* Low noise and A/D converter,  
* Low noise A/D converter, stable display.
* Inner clock circuit , can form astable multi-vibrator by connecting passive electronic component.  
* Optional exterior clock signal input
* Has triggered buttons that keep and low voltage alarm function that   power
* On-chip voltage reference, 60ppm/°C drift.
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