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US211 US211A US211B US211C Datasheet

The UTC US211/A/B/C series are 80mΩ high-side power
switches. There’s internal single low voltage N-Channel MOSFET
which makes it an ideal for all USB applications. This MOSFET
should be driven by a charge pump circuitry inside. Its switch on
resistance is as low as 80mΩ which we know specially meets the
drop voltage for USB applications.
The flag pin can output an open-drain fault flag to next controller.
There’re lots internal special ways for protecting the chip’s
When in hot-plug events, there’s large current which can create
the upstream voltage droop to match the USB’s voltage droop
requirements and soft-start for isolating the power source.  
As soon as the die temperature is higher than 130, the internal
shutdown circuit will work.
Only when there’s a normal input voltage in the VIN pin, the
UVLO (under-voltage lockout, 1.3V/2.5V typ.) can make sure the
chip is till in the off state.
Because of the requirement of USB power the fault current
should be ensured less than 0.6A/1.1A (UTC US211/A, single port)
and 1.3A /1.5A (UTC US211B/C, dual ports).
* 80mΩ(Typ) N-Channel MOSFET
* Supply Current:
Switch On : 25μA(Typ)
Switch Off : 1μA (Typ)
* Load Current 500mA for US211 and 1.0A for US211A/B/C
* Input Voltage from 2V ~ 5.5V
* In Off-State: Output Voltage can be Higher than Input
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