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GV4145A Datasheet


The UTC GV4145A is a low power controller for AC outlet
ground fault interrupters. These devices detect hazardous
grounding conditions, such as equipment (connected to opposite
phases of the AC line) in contact with a pool of water and open
circuits the line before a harmful or lethal shock occurs.
Contained internally are a 26V zener shunt regulator, an
opamp, and an SCR driver. With the addition of two sense
transformers, a bridge rectifier, an SCR, a relay, and a few
additional components, the UTC GV4145A will detect and protect
against both hot wire to ground and neutral wire to ground faults.
Ease of application and long-term reliability.
* No potentiomenter required
* Direct interface to SCR
* Supply voltage derived from AC line-26V shunt
* Adjustable sensitivity
* Grounded neutral fault detection
* 450μA quiescent current
* I deal for 120V or 220V systems
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