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US107 Datasheet




The UTC US107x is a power distribution switch. It is intended for

applications such as USB where heavy capacitive loads and

short-circuits are likely to be encountered. This family offers multiple

devices with fixed current-limit  thresholds for applications between

1.2 A, 1.7A and 2.5 A.

The RDS(ON) of the MOSFET switch is as low as 70mΩ.  OC  is

open-drain output report over-current or over-temperature event

which has typical 9ms deglitch timeout period, also reports output

reverse-voltage condition with typical 5ms deglitch timeout period.

The UTC  US107x incorporates protection circuits including

current limiting circuit with foldback function, thermal shutdown

circuit designed to prevent catastrophic switch failure due to

increasing power dissipation when continuous heavy loads or short

circuit occurs. Besides, a built-in charge pump is used to drive the

N-channel MOSFET that  is free of parasitic body diode to eliminate

any reversed current flow across the switch when it is powered off.

The UTC US107x is applied in high-side power protection switch,

USB power management, USB host and self-powered bubs, USB

bus-powered hubs, hot plug-in power supplies, battery-charger




* Single power switch family

* Operating range: 3.0V~5.5V

* 130µA quiescent supply current

* 1µA maximum shutdown supply current

* 70mΩ high-side MOSFET

* 1mS typical rise time

* Under voltage lockout

* Logic level enable pin, available with Active-high or active-low version

* No reverse current when power off

* Available with or without output shutdown pull-low resister

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