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ULE4275 Datasheet




The UTC  ULE4275 is a monolithic integrated low-dropout

voltage regulator. The device regulates an input voltage up to

45V to VOUT = 5V (typical). The device can drive loads up to

450mA. It also provides overcurrent protection and

overtemperature protection for control of the state  of the output

voltage. The device generates a reset signal for an output

voltage, VOUT,rt, of 4.65V (typical). By the use of an external delay

capacitor, one can program the reset delay time.

The input capacitor, CIN, compensates for line fluctuation.

Using a resistor of approximately 1Ω in series with CIN dampens

the oscillation of input inductance and input capacitance. The

output capacitor, COUT, stabilizes the regulation circuit. The

specification for stability is at COUT 22μF and ESR 5Ω, within

the operating temperature range. Stability for electrolytic capacitors specifically is at COUT  68µF within the

operating temperature range.  

The control amplifier compares a reference voltage to a  voltage that is proportional  to the output voltage and

drives the base of the series transistor through a buffer. Saturation control as a function of the load current prevents

any oversaturation of the power element. The device also incorporates a number of internal circuits for protection

against: overload, overtemperature, and reverse polarity.







* Qualified for Automotive Applications

* Output Voltage 5V ± 2%

* Very Low Current Consumption

* Power-On and Undervoltage Reset

* Reset Low-Level Output Voltage<1V

* Very Low Dropout Voltage

* Internal Short-Circuit Current Limiting

* Reverse-Polarity Proof   

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