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UB227 Datasheet


The UTC UB227 is a series of lithium-ion/lithium-polymer
rechargeable battery protection ICs incorporating high accuracy
voltage detection circuits and delay circuits.
The UTC UB227 is suitable for protection of single cell lithium-ion /
lithium polymer battery packs from overcharge, over discharge and
over current.
The ultra-small package and less required external components
make it ideal to integrate the UTC UB227 into the limited space of
battery pack.  


* Wide Supply Voltage Range: V DD =1.5V~8.0V
* Ultra-Low Quiescent Current: I OPE =3.0A (V DD =3.9V)
* Ultra-Low Power-Down Current: I PDN =0.1A (V DD =2.0V)
* Overcharge Detection Voltage: V CU =3.9V~4.4V
* Overcharge Release Voltage: V CL =3.8V~4.4V
* Over Discharge Release Voltage: V DL =2.0V~3.0V
* Over Discharge Release Voltage: V DU =2.0V~3.4V
* Discharge Over Current Detection Voltage: V DIOV=0.05V~0.30V
* Discharge Short Circuit Detection Voltage: V SHORT=0.85V (Fixed)
* Charge Over Current Voltage: V CIOV=-0.115V (Fixed)
* Charger Detection Voltage: V CHA =-0.7V (Fixed)

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