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UB2012 Datasheet






UTC  UB2012  is designed for portable electronics with lower cost. Its

advantages of high-accuracy voltage/current regulation, charging status

indication, temperature monitoring, and automatic charge-rate compensation.

In applications, the battery temperature is continuously under monitor

by using an external thermistor, if  the temperature is  over user-defined

threshold; UTC UB2012 inhibits charge for safety concern.  

Generally, the UTC UB2012 charges the battery in conditioning, constant voltage and constant current phases.

If the battery voltage is lower than the low-voltage threshold (VMIN), a low current is used for conditioning the battery.

The conditioning charge rate is around 10% of the regulation current and the heat dissipation in the external pass

element during the initial stage of the charge is minimized by the conditioning current. After the conditioning phase,

the UTC UB2012 applies a constant current that be set by an  external sense-resistor to the battery. The

sense-resistor can be on the battery without additional components. The constant current phase continues until the

battery reaches the charge-regulation voltage, then the constant voltage phase is beginning.  

UTC UB2012 offers 4.1V, 4.2V, 8.4V and 8.4V fixed-voltage for single and dual cells. Charge stops when the

current tapers to the charge termination threshold (ITERM) and will recharge if the battery voltage falls below the VRCH.

The automatic charge-rate compensation feature reduces the charging time of batteries. For the internal

impedance of battery pack during charge, this advanced technique offers safe and dynamic compensation.





*  Ideal for Single 4.1V,4.2V and Dual-Cell 8.2V,8.4V Li-Ion or Li-Pol Packs

*  0.3V Dropout Voltage for Minimizing Heat Dissipation

* Better than ±1% Accuracy of Voltage Regulation With Preset Voltages

* Dynamic Compensation of Battery Pack’s Internal Impedance to short Charging Time

* Optional Cell-Temperature Monitoring

*  Integrated Voltage and Current Regulation With Programmable Charge-Current

*  Integrated Cell Conditioning for Reviving Deeply Discharged Cells and Minimizing Heat Dissipation During Initial

Charge Stage  

* Charge Status Output for Single or Dual Led or Host Processor Interface

* Automatic Battery-Recharge Feature

* Charge Termination by Minimum Current

* Automatic Low-Power Sleep Mode When VCC is Removed

* EVMs Available for Quick Evaluation   

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