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Home > Motor Controller IC
F2867 Datasheet

The UTC F2867 is a single-phase bipolar variable speed driving
motor pre-driver that works with external PWM signal. A highly
efficient, highly silent and low power consumption motor driver
circuit can be achieved with a few external parts. This product is
optimal for driving large scale fan motors requiring large air flow
and large current such as servers and consumer appliances.
* Pre-driver for single-phase full-wave drive Low-saturation drive using external PMOS-NMOS enables
high-efficiency low power-consumption drive.  
* External PWM input enabling variable speed control Separately-excited upper direct PWM (f=30kHz) control method
enabling highly silent speed control.
* Current limiting circuit incorporated Chopper type current limit at start.  
* Reactive current cut circuit incorporated Reactive current before phase change is cut to enable silent and low power-consumption drive.
* Minimum speed setting pin Minimum speed can be set by set with external resistor.
* Soft start setting pin  
* Lock protection and automatic reset functions incorporated  
* FG (rotation speed detection) output  
* Thermal shutdown circuit incorporated
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