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US223 Datasheet






The UTC US223 are low voltage cost-effective high-side power

switches with flag function. These devices are particularly suitable for

self-powered and bus-powered USB applications. The build-in

N-MOSFET’s RDS(ON) which meets the requirements of USB voltage drop

is as low as 80mΩ.

The UTC US223 contains a charge pump circuitry to drive the internal

MOSFET switch and also incorporate such protection circuits: soft-start

circuit protect these devices from being damaged by limiting inrush

current during plug-in; thermal shutdown circuit is used to prevent

catastrophic switch failure from high-current loads. UVLO is used to

ensure that the device remains off unless there is a valid input voltage


A flag output is designed to indicate fault conditions to the local USB

controller. lower quiescent current as 25μA making this device ideal for

portable battery-operated equipment.

The UTC  US223 are applied in USB Bus/Self powered hubs, USB

peripherals, NB, PCs, PC card hot swap, battery-powered equipment,

hot-plug power supplies, battery-charger circuits, ACPI power





* Input Voltage Varies From 3.5V to 5.5V

* Built-in N-MOSFET

* Output Can Be Forced Higher Than Input (Off-State)  

* Typical Low Supply Current:  

  - Switch On: 25μA (TYP)

  - Switch Off: 0.1μA (TYP)

* Open-Drain Fault Flag Output To Indicate Fault Conditions 

* Protection Circuits:

- Soft-start( Hot plug-in application)  

- UVLO 1.7V (TYP.)

 - Current Limiting Protection

  - Thermal Shutdown Protection

* Reverse Current Flow Blocking (No Body Diode)

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