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ULN2001LC Datasheet






The UTC  ULN2001LC  is high-voltage, high-current darlington

transistor arrays. Each consists of seven NPN darlington pairs that

feature high-voltage outputs with common-cathode clamp diodes

for switching inductive loads. The collector-current rating of a single

darlington pair is 100mA. All units feature integral clamp diodes for

switching inductive loads.  

Applications include relay, hammer, lamp and display (LED)


The UTC ULN2001LC has a 2.7kΩ series base resistor for each

darlington pair for operation directly with TTL or 5V CMOS devices.




* Output Current (Single Output): 100mA max

* High Sustaining Voltage Output: 50V min

* Inputs Compatible with Various Types of Logic

* Output Clamp Diodes

* Relay-Driver Applications 

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