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US236H Datasheet






The UTC US236H is a power distribution switch. It is intended
for USB applications where heavy capacitive loads and
short-circuits are likely to be encountered. It switches output
voltage to 5VSB at S3/S4/S5 states with 400mΩ switch and 200mA
Continuous Load Current; to 5VCC at S0/S1/S2 states with 80mΩ
switch and 1.5A Continuous Load Current.
The UTC US236H features an active-high enable control input.
Quiescent Supply Current is only 50uA when enabled, but standby
current down to less than 1uA when disabled.
Optimal switch logic according to S3# and 5VCC status ensures
seamless output voltage transition.
The UTC US236H device limits the output current to a safe
level by switching into a constant-current mode when the output
load exceeds the current-limit threshold or a short is present. Soft
start function limits the inrush current from supply input when
enabled or during plug-in. Thermal shutdown function prevents
catastrophic switch failure from high-current loads. Under-voltage
lockout (UVLO) ensures that the device remains off unless there is
a valid input voltage present. OC is open-drain output to report
over-current and over-temperature event.


* Operating Range: 4.5V~5.5V
* Quiescent Supply Current: 50uA (TYP.)
* Standby Supply Current: 1µA (Max.)
* Output Voltage Switch to 5VSB at S3/S4/S5
400mΩ High Side Switch
200mA Continuous Load Current
* Output Voltage Switch to 5VCC at S0/S1/S2
80mΩ High Side Switch
1.5A Continuous Load Current
* Built-in Soft-Start
* Fast Turn Off
* Enable Active-High
* Meets USB Current-Limiting Requirements

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