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LLV321 Datasheet





The LLV321 is a single, low cost and voltage feedback amplifier,that consumes only 80μA supply current, 1.2MHz of bandwidth and 1.5V/μs of slew rate at a low supply voltage of 2.7V. It is supplied from 2.7V (±1.35V) to 5.5V (±2.75V). The common mode voltage range extends below the negative rail and the output provides rail-to-rail performance.

The LLV321 is fabricated on a CMOS process. The combination of low power, rail-to-rail performance, low voltage operation, and tiny package options makes the device well suited for use in personal electronics equipment such as cellular handsets, pagers, PDAs, and other battery powered applications.

The LLV321 is also applied in portable test instruments, telephone systems, low cost general purpose applications, cellular phones, MP3 players, personal data assistants, A/D buffer, DSP interface, audio applications, smart card readers, keyless entry,Infrared receivers for remote controls, digital still cameras and hard disk drives.


FEATURES (at 2.7V)


* Input Voltage Varies From -0.25V to +1.5V

* Supply Current: 80μA

* Output Voltage Varies from 0.01V to 2.69V

* Gain Bandwidth: 1.2MHz

* Slew Rate: 1.5V/μs

* Fully Specified at +2.7V and +5V Supplies

* Operating Temperature Range: -40°C ~ +125°C

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