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UGD9511 Datasheet





UTC UGD9511 single-channel, high speed, low-side gate-driver

device can effectively drive MOSFET and IGBT power switches.

Using a design that inherently minimizes shoot-through current,

UGD9511 are capable of sourcing and sinking high peak-current

pulses into capacitive loads offering rail-to-rail drive capability and extremely small propagation delay, typically 13ns.



* Low-Cost Gate-Driver Device Offering Superior

 Replacement of NPN and PNP Discrete Solutions

* Strong Sink Current Offers Enhanced Immunity against

 Miller Turn on

* Split Output Configuration (Allows Easy and

 Independent Adjustment of Turn on and Turn off

 Speeds) in the UGD9511 Saves 1 Diode

* Fast Propagation Delays (13-nsTypical)

* Fast Rise and Fall Times (9ns and 7ns Typical)

* 4.5V to 18V Single Supply Range

* Output Held Low When Input Pins Are Floating

* Outputs Held Low During VDD UVLO (Ensures

 Glitch-Free Operation at Power Up and Power-Down)

* TTL and CMOS Compatible Input-Logic Threshold

 (Independent of Supply Voltage)

* Hysteretic-Logic Thresholds for High-Noise Immunity

* Dual-Input Design (Choice of an Inverting (INPin) or

 Non inverting (IN+ Pin) Driver Configuration)

 Unused Input Pin can be Used for Enable or Disable


* Input Pin Absolute Maximum Voltage Levels Not

 Restricted by VDD Pin Bias Supply Voltage 

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