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UASS101 Datasheet






The UTC UASS101 is a Magic Switch to remove Phantom
Power consumption. An equivalent circuit has been provided in
Fig1. The Phantom Power consumption due to EMI Cap.’s
discharge resistor can be removed by a pretty simple circuit as
described in the block diagram. However, Magic Switch could be
most cost-effective, layout easy…..choice for designing zero no
load consumption application.
The UTC UASS101 behaves like a magic switch or a low-pass
filter. It allows DC passes and AC is blocked. The UTC UASS101
allows frequency more than 20 Hz to pass (AC plug-in Magic
switch turn off) with ~ Zero Input Power. Magic switch is turn on
discharge EMI’s Cap when frequency small than 20Hz.


* Remove Phantom Power consumption
* Meet safety ICE 60065/60950
* ~1KV Break down voltage
* For lightning surge sensitive environment
* Can work with any EMI’s capacitor filter
* Most cost effective, Layout easy solution, easily to meet Erp lot6 tier 2 requirement

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