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UR6222 Datasheet






The UR6222 series is a high speed LDO regulator that features
high accurate, low noise, high ripple rejection, low dropout and low
power consumption. The series consists of a voltage reference, an
error amplifier, a driver transistor, a current limiter, a phase
compensation circuit, a thermal shutdown circuit and an inrush
current protection circuit.
The CE function enables the circuit to be in stand-by mode by
inputting low level signal. In the stand-by mode, the series enables
the electric charge at the output capacitor CL to be discharged via
the internal switch, and as a result the VOUT pin quickly returns to the
VSS level. The output stabilization capacitor CL is also compatible with
low ESR ceramic capacitors.
The output voltage is selectable in 0.05V increments within the range
of 1.2V to 4.0V which fixed by laser trimming technologies. The over
current protection circuit and the thermal shutdown circuit are built-in.
These two protection circuits will operate when the output current
reaches current limit level or the junction temperature reaches
temperature limit level.




* Maximum Output Current : 700mA
* Stand-by Current: 0.1µA (Typ.)
* Low Dropout Voltage: 0.1V (Typ.) (IOUT = 300mA)
* Excellent Line Regulation: 0.01%/V (Typ.)
* High Ripple Rejection: 65 dB (Typ.) (f = 1kHz)
* Output Voltages: 1.2~4.0V(Accuracy ± 2%) 0.05V increments

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