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Home > Li-Battery Protection or Charg
UB3860 Datasheet






UTC UB3860 is a battery protection ICs featured for accurately

monitoring Li-ion or Li-Polymer battery voltage and current when

charging and discharging the batteries. When over charge, over

discharge and short circuit conditions happened, UTC UB3860

battery protection ICs will control the charging or discharging output

pins to control charge or discharge MOSFETs to cut off the

charging or discharging path accordingly to protect the batteries

from being damaged.

UTC UB3860 battery protection ICs monitor the

charge/discharge/short circuit current by external current sensing

resistor, to provide very precise current sensing control.

UTC UB3860 battery protection IC embeds with high ESD

protection circuit to prevent from ESD issues in mass production

and in use.

UTC UB3860 battery protection IC power consumption when

normal operation is low. For power saving, UTC UB3860 battery

protection IC provides 2 power saving modes : Standby mode and

Power Down mode.




* Voltage detection and release

Overcharge Detection Voltage

Overcharge Release Voltage

Overdischarge Detection Voltage

Overdischarge Release Voltage

* Current detection and release

Discharge Overcurrent Detection Voltage

Charge Overcurrent Detection Voltage

Load Short-Circuit Detection Voltage

* 0V Battery Charge Inhibition Battery Voltage

* Operation Modes

Normal Mode 2.5uA (Typ.) 4.0uA (Max.)

Standby Mode 1.0uA (Typ.) 1.5uA (Max.)

Power Down Mode 0.1uA (Max.)

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